• We have calculators to determine your beer's ABV (alcohol by volume), strike water volume calculator, LME to DME conversion calculator, hydrometer temperature correction to ensure you are accounting for heat variations, brix to standard gravity calculator, priming sugar calculator to know how much sugar to carbonate your beer, a step infusion ...
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  • Sugar is an essential component in the production of wine. During alcoholic fermentation, yeast feeds on the sugar found in grape juice and converts it to ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, and carbon dioxide. The amount of sugar fermented determines the wine’s alcohol level and the amount of residual sugar left in the wine.
  • In my experience, specific gravity is without a doubt the single most abused and vaguely used term in woodworking terminology. Technically, specific gravity is a measure of the ratio of a wood’s density as compared to water. (So if a wood is of the same density as water, the specific gravity would be 1.00.)
  • Brix to Specific Gravity Calculator. Covert brix to specific gravity. ... Priming Sugar Calculator. Calculate the exact amount of sugar needed for bottle conditioning.
Specific Gravity, Brix, Baumé, Sugar, Potential Alcohol Sugar Excluding "PA" column 5, the data presented here for potential alcohol levels assumes no soluble solids other than fermentabl e sugar, and the fermentable sugar quoted is the quantity in the liqu id for the required respective values. Accounting for non- sugar solutes (aside from ...

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Gravity / ABV Calculator. Enter your initial gravity measurement, final final gravity measurement,the measurement scale, and the temperature they were taken at. High end rc boats

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